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Friday, November 25, 2005


Ruth (dau. of Charles Henry and Willie) in front of Stucco House.
Lynn playing baseball at Havana High School located across Highway 10 from Stucco House.
Lynn still at bat....
The Old Stucco House....

Cousin Oresta and Uncle Jim built the old stucco house in Havana. Oresta was engaged, and he wanted to build the house for his bride. Oresta was born in 1895, so I assume this all took place about 1915. Meanwhile, He joined the Army and left to serve his country. While away, Oresta got a letter from his fiance that she was breaking off the engagement. The stucco house was no longer needed.

Uncle Jim's brother, Great grandpa Charles Henry Wilkins, needed to move his father-in-law to Havana. But, father-in-law didn't want to live with Charles Henry and Willie, so he bought the stucco house, which was larger. Here is a small scenario of those I know who lived in the stucco house:

Great-great grandpa Vinsett lived and died in the stucco house. He is the Civil War vet who would sleep with his pistol, and/or keep it hanging over his headboard. Charles and Bermel lived in the north side of the stucco house. That is where my daddy, Charles, Jr. was born. Oda and Clinton (sister to Charles, Sr.) lived in the south side of the stucco house. Their sons, Jack & Lynn, were born there; as well as an infant that didn't survive.

When I was 4 years old, I lived in a house next door to the stucco house. There were two little boys who moved into the stucco house, who became my playmates. One day the little 4 year old boy kissed me. That little boy moved away and so did I. Years later we met up again, and today we have been married 37 years.

The stucco house has now been torn down, maybe some of the memories and stories will be able to survive.

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